Make Guerrilla with Love

I have to develop a Guerrilla Marketing Project. Yes, full stop. It’s one of the hardest things to do for me.

In a town, London, where we are surrounded by more that 5.000 ads a day it seems the only solution in order to stand out within the market and be recognized by the audience. The research process is the first step for me. I want to understand the real meaning of guerrilla marketing.

Levinson in 1984 coined this term. Apparently at that time there was already the need to be unexpected. The Guerrilla supposed to be made by unconventional signs and means in potential interactive environment where people can be surprised. The ad, with low cost expenses to make it, it is going to be unforgettable.

My question is: How can it be low-cost? Let’s make a list: – People that think about the project (Creatives, Marketers) – Possible expenses for a permission to use a public place (Yes, sometimes we have to respect the law). – Art-workers. – Material to use (graffiti or special mechanism for instance). – Digital marketers to push the video, pictures through the social networks and create the viral marketing (second pace). This video makes me think even more.

RedStripes promotes this amazing and funny video. Still, is it cheap? Normally when I open the fridge of any off license in London I don’t see any special lights, music or bottle that moves all its own. Unfortunately. (Maybe I can see that if I’ve been drinking for long time..) Another thing that is wired, why just 6.000 watch this video?!

Houston, we have a problem!

The risk that a company can run with the guerrilla marketing is to misrepresent the brand with the following wrong reception of the image and false rumors and word of mouth. In 2007 the television program Aqua Teen Hunger Force put LED in Boston to promote a cartoon. The LED were mistakenly identified as explosive devices and they were removed.Image

Still thinking and thinking. I reckon that I have to use all my love and imagination to make a marketing war.

Let’s see what will happen!

Let’s talk about it!



The Vucciria: emotional branding

Wikipedia explains it as the historical market in Palermo that spans through different streets and squares.  The name is linked to the “Vicere” Caracciolo that in 1783 decided to change the name (from Bucceria: French word boucherie) and the shape of it giving to it a more elegant style.

Vucciria means confusion.

I went there last summer and I was amused about this beautiful square and its values and I was impressed about how the things can change. Nowadays you cannot feel anymore that confusion made of the traders’ shouts as it used to be before. You can feel the difference even with two painters and their respective art piece, Renato Guttuso and Mauro Di Girolamo that I saw at the Chiaramonte Steri in Palermo.



Renato Guttuso painted his most famous picture in 1974. La Vucciria is represented with strong and sanguineous realism. He wanted to express the Palermo’s soul through the colors and the products shape. Fruits and vegetables like the main ingredients of Sicily.

Mauro Di Girolamo strongly believes in this project for the “Application of Palermo as European Capital of Culture” in 2019. Still with a bond with Guttuso, he wants to give the idea of Vucciria as urban context.

As mentioned in the last post, Vucciria is the brand of Palermo. As a viewer and lover of Palermo and these paints, I fell and I fall in a rush of emotions.

With the images of two different painters, it is possible to recognize how history changes a reality. The question is connected to the values of this market. I think just Sicilian people can reply and tell if it is still part of them and their culture.

Let’s talk about it.



The last short film of Miu Miu, part of the project Miu Miu Women’ s Tales, is titled Le Donne della Vucciria (Vucciria’s Women) and it is set in Palermo, south of Italy, in its famous market.

The Sicilian song “Le Rusciu de lu Mare” creates the musical pace to start a journey in a quite stereotypical fragment of life. A woman uses a sewing machine and man makes puppets.




The black polka dots are worn. In the entire film. 

The Palestinian movie director and actress Hiam Abbass falls in love with Palermo and she makes this wonderful story about Miu Miu and Italian style-lifestyle.

Women are the protagonists of this film and this project: Zoe Cassavetes, Lucrecia Martel, Giada Colagrande and Massy Tadjedin talk about feminine creativity. And the creativity is the fil rouge here as well.

 Palermo, symbol of Mediterranean culture, is merged with the poetry of craftsmanship, fashion and Italian cinema. 



This is an example of emotional branding in my opinion.  As a young girl I feel the importance to be recognized in what a fashion brand can express by its origins and the way to show clothes through different generations.

Feminine world has the power to change reality and they could express more how for instance the cinema and in case the Italian one adapted and is adapting to the international.

Talking about emotion, branding, art and Palermo, the importance of the Vucciria is reshaped. Next post, next topic.


Let’s talk about!




Balloons, spots and dots: they can float and still make a statement.

This is the first post and it wants to link the present and the past following the dots motif.

From Yayoi Kusama and her collaboration with Louis Vuitton to Miu Miu and Ungaro through the artist DFace. Last year the 83 year old Yayoi Kusama lent her red polka-dotted spheres (result of anxiety and hallucination) to Louis Vuitton. Is luxury a form of art? Is an artist a fashion designer? Notwithstanding also the branding confusion for Monsieur Vuitton, the Selfridges’ displays looked amazing!



DFace, street art artist, uses the repetitive motif. Recently I participated to an exhibition in Stolen Space in London where he expressed the dots in black and white.


He wants in general to communicate our bizarre culture by a satiric use of bank notes, life and death. Satirically the price of his art pieces is not anymore for the streets: it’s a new kind of expensive form of “dotted” art.

Glamorous  Miu Miu and Ungaro for this Fall-Winter are amused by spots. Fausto Puglisi, creative director of Ungaro, mixes leopard print and dots. Ungaro resurrects! Even if the Versace style seems behind this line.


Is the Miu Miu girl a modern Pippi Longstocking? Anyway a yellow polka dots can make us, modern girls, flourish again during this grey winter.


What actually a dot can express? Is it following a trend the consumers like? Is it possible to say that it is SPOT ON? What I think I can say is that SPOT ON is Miuccia Prada’s style and branding. For her dots are connected to the origin, to Italy, as the following post will show.

Let’s talk about!