Frakta is my mantra

Blue, multifunctional and foldable bag. The price tag can vary from £0,40 to £1,365 or more, depending on the brand. Yes, the brand.

Balenciaga must be a fun of crazy weekend shopping at Ikea because it unveiled recently a new tote bag looking very similar to the famous Frakta.

Très chic people after chowing down some horse meatballs can choose of buying either the Arena Extra-Large Shopping Tote or a new POÄNG chair plus add a little extra for a bag. Every little help! (Opsss that’s Tesco, I am getting confused!).

Balenciaga hasn’t confirmed if the bag was a contribute to Ikea yet. On the meantime, Ikea has created a very funny ad which reads:

How to identify an original Ikea Frakta bag

1) Shake it. If it rustles, it’s the real deal.

2) Multifunctional. It can carry hockey gear, bricks, and even water.

3) Throw it in the dirt. A true Frakta is simply rinsed off with a garden hose when dirty.

4) Fold it. Are you able to fold it to the size of a small purse? If the answer is yes, congratulations.

5) Look inside. The original has an authentic Ikea tag.

6) Price tag. Only $0.99.



Frakta has been an inspiration for some Instgrammers/designers/brave people that have produced cap, high tops, tracksuit bottoms, bumbag to a face mask and even a thong. Under the #Frakta, I have found some many videos and pictures and I have realised what creativity means and why a brand like Vetements are becoming more famous.

“The Balenciaga bag is a great example of how contemporary fashion is like contemporary art.”

What does distinguish a brand nowadays? Is Balenciaga then a fake of Ikea? Under which fashion category parodies fall into?


Let’s talk about it!




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