No Smoking

Cigarettes are back to be a fashionable item, on fashionable people during fashionable events. And these people are the ones publically speaking about respecting the environment, human beings and being healthy! I love it!

Met Gala 2017: where the party happened in the bathroom. Celebrities seemed to celebrate in the toilets, like the cool kids at school. However, these rebellious students pissed off the board members and donors of The Metropolitan museum and they actually complained to the headteacher Anna Wintour. According to “Page Six,” one board member was “horrified to go into the ladies’ loo” and other Met donors thought that the smoking celebs were disrespectful to the museum and they need to be punished as they may have damaged some of the museum’s art. Detention for everyone! But not in the bathroom!

Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades of smoking



Stella! You shocked me!



And the annual selfie


My question is, why the toilet?

My other question is, what was wrong with the other rooms?

Last but not least, why? Only why. In general.




Let’s talk about it!




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