I am Marguerite

On Friday 25th of February, I had the pleasure to go with a friend to Late at Tate. Every last Friday of the month, even if it’s pay day, Tate modern, in partnership with Uniqlo, organises free events with live music and DJ’s from NTS radio, exhibitions opening, art workshops and talks. On that particular Friday, Marguerite London organised a talk about feminism, girl power and confidence from 6 pm until closure. I joined the last bit about “Girl Power: Confidence and the importance of supporting other women” were 4 inspiring girls were part of the panel. In particular, I was thrilled to listen, my favourite blogger, Freddie Harrel, and a very influencer lady, Valeria Napoleone.


Marguerite, named after Marguerite Peggy Guggennheim, is a network of women working in the arts, with the aim of creating a network through inspiring events. It’s not obviously a case that Tate Modern run this free workshop with Marguerite: first because it was closed to the 8th of March and second because it’s about women in art. And Frances Morris, first ever female Director of Tate Modern, is a reflection of the situation we still live. She commented her achievement “It has taken me a long time to work my way up the institutional hierarchy, which I suppose typifies the situation for many women”. “They’re allowed to do great projects and author individual aspects of their work but to take institutional responsibility has been much more difficult.” “IT’S STILL A BOYS’ CLUB, NO QUESTION IN MY MIND.”

Sometimes I get angry and sometimes I become sad. We are still, in 2017, fighting for simple rights. For what it should be normal. And this is what I have also realised on the 25th when  4 successful female human beings were speaking about self-confidence, insecurities and imposter syndrome. I have only found out that night about this syndrome that describes high-achieving individuals who are unable to internalise their accomplishments. So basically they are not able to be happy about what they achieve. Why do women suffer from that? Are we still suppose only to look after the family and clean the house? Even if there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, (my mum is a housewife and I would never thank her enough for being so good with 3 kids), I think we want more. As a girl working in a very male oriented agency and sector, I face every day misogynist comments about how I should talk and not being emotional, because yes we are EMOTIONAL, I mean WTF! And what I should wear. Yes, again, my clothes. Once my manager told me off because on Friday I was wearing a black Jigsaw jumpsuit and there was nothing wrong with that.


Then finally the 8th March, Women’s day or more Feminism day. Even if I find very controversial using this word, as Maria Grazia Chiuni of Dior said: “ We should all be feminists”. And wear a t-shirt with this logo on it. City University hosted this beautiful talk on the International Women’s day, “women in the workplace: what does professional look like” and Nicola Thorp, who was fired, because she wasn’t wearing heels, told us her experience. Video below.


We cannot be valued on the way our natural hair are or how much makeup we have on. We should be valued for how experienced and trained we are. It’s a bit utopistic saying that we don’t judge people on their appearance but, are men being judged during an interview if they have or not blue eyes? No.

I think we need be engaged on this topic and be more engaged within us, as women team. Create a real network where we support each other because the first step for interrupting this hatred is between women and definitely in loving more ourselves. It all sounds simple and so nice, but let’s try.

Let’s talk about it.







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