And then there is Paolo

Reflective, devoted, attracted and fascinated. This is how I felt when I saw the Acne Studios shot for SS 2017.

Intimate and atmospheric Polaroid portraits featuring artists, writers and other creatives of Iranian, Iraqi and Kuwaiti origin, taken from Italian lenses.

It’s a celebration of cultural differences through the manipulation of light and intensity. Each portrait is a representation of love and progress, very pertinent given Trump’s immigration ban and Brexit.

“We preferred not to work with models for this campaign, but rather with women in creative professions such as art and music,” explains Acne Studio’s creative director Jonny Johansson. “We had a vision of finding a strong and creative group. One name leads to the other and on the day of the shoot, we realised that they all knew each other…This collection is about openness and looking out into the world”.  The musician Fatima Al Qadiri, artists Hayv Kahraman and Sadaf H. Nava, the actress Golishifteh Farahani, stylist Yasmina Benadelkrim and editor Negar Azimi make us fall under Roversi’s spell and renovating the love for the language of art.



Acne Studios

Thanks, Paolo. Thanks, Acne Studios. This is what we need in this moment.

Let’s talk about it!



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