When it has been decided to have a Denim day

16th February, 2 days after Valentine’s Day while I was trying to recover to all the love I gave to myself, H&M and Zara have decided to make us wear Denim. No more red, velvet, silk (sexy!) or hearts in general but the most famous cotton material: denim.

Between 10 am and 11,30am, I received 1 email from H&M Fashion News said “Introducing the new season’s denim” and another one from Zara “TRF | denim + denim denim”.

I was expecting an email from Topshop about Denim but nothing, they left me hanging on! They only send me a similar one on the 23rd.

Are you guys using the same marketing calendar?

Body copy of H&M said “MEN Denim days”. Eventually, this email wasn’t targeted and eventually I would have binned it but the “50% off” banner kept me reading. As much as I love men clothes I would have appreciated more to see a Swedish blonde model with a new brand denim jacket.


And then you have Denim + denim denim (shall we have another round of the word denim?!) with a skirt that still confuses me.

As much as I love the honesty in saying “denim made with denim”, Zara editorial doesn’t give a real idea of how much denim they have used in these new items: everything is basically broken. Trousers with massive holes, scratched jacket and skirt falling into pieces. I know that it’s the Spring and Summer Editorial but we don’t need all of these air intakes within clothes for staying fresh.



Then only on the 23rd I could finally “Meet my new jeans” from Topshop. “Jamie”, “Leigh” and “Joni” are waiting for me in store.  Plus I could “Find my fit” online. Who needs Tinder when you have Topshop?!



I am sure that Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss will be happy to see how this sturdy cotton material got so famous and important to be advertised twice in one day from different brands and it became even more sexual than just being manufactured as works trousers in Genoa.

Be more creative, be more indigo! And know your target.

Let’s talk about it!



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